Page 5 Claudette kicked up a trail of dust as she moved down the dirt roads. Abuela held her gold-colored statue of Mary, the Queen of Heaven, on her lap, but she should have been holding Nuestra Señora de los Dolores—because it seemed like our hearts too were pierced by swords.

ANNOTATION: My great-grandmother, Rufina (Maldonado) Maes brought her statue of Saint Mary to Fort Steele when she moved from New Mexico to Wyoming. It now belongs to my aunt, Phyllis (Sandoval) Aguilar Torres.

Virgin Mary



Countdown from Fifteen. . .

Two of my friends  guessed that the green chile ristra I made would turn red by October 1, 2018. Because it was very warm in Colorado, the ristra actually turned completely red by September 27, 2018. They were the closest to guessing the actual date and will each win a free autographed copy of The Wind Called My Name.

I will be making some fabulous chile dishes from these dried chiles! Be sure and read my book to learn what I say about chile ristras.

red chile

The Rest of the Story

When I was growing up, our radio dial was always tuned to Paul Harvey. Later he had a program called The Rest of the Story which proved Paul Harvey was also a great history teacher because in about three minutes, he told us little known stories about people, events, and things. I’d like to share some short scenes behind the scenes that give you a little more insight into The Wind Called My Name.

The pages and texts refer to the Advance Reader’s Copy (ARC) but the finished book texts should be very close to these pages. The ANNOTATIONS are the rest of the story along with some pictures. I’ll do a countdown each day until my book’s official birthdate, October 30, 2018.  Stand by for news!

Book Debut

The Wind Called My Name will officially debut on October 30, 2018. Originally, it was to have come out on September 18. I was very excited about this date because it is the birthday of my maternal grandmother, Josefita Maes Sandoval. She plays a role in my story. However, because of a paper shortage, the debut was then pushed to October 16. Again, I was elated because this is the birthday of our third grandchild, Ally. But, the paper shortage continues, so October 30th is the debut. I’m so ready for this book to be born and hope you will enjoy it as much as I enjoyed writing it!

Author Blurbs

I’m delighted that my ARC (Advanced Reader Copy) is getting favorable reviews.


The Wind Called My Name may be historical fiction, but its message is timely and important: Our communities grow stronger when we share cultural traditions, creative perspectives, and most of all, meaningful friendships. This moving novel will touch your heart and inspire you to reach out and connect.”

—Laura Resau, author of The Queen of Water and The Lightning Queen


The Wind Called My Name is a heartwarming celebration of family, friendship, culture, and being proud of who you are. Featuring a strong, smart heroine who learns to speak up for herself and speak out against injustice, Mary Louise Sanchez’s debut middle-grade novel is a compelling read.”

—Supriya Kelkar, author of Ahimsa


“A beautifully touching story of family, culture, and resiliency.”

—Christina Diaz Gonzalez, author of The Red Umbrella and Moving Target


“A wonderful addition to the history of brave settlers in this country and a tribute to the power of family and faith.”

— Pat Mora, author of Doña Flor and Bookjoy, Wordjoy


“Margarita tells her story with warmth, honesty, and compassion, and through her portrait of saints and sinners, we recognize ourselves among them. The Wind Called My Name opens minds, warms the heart, and renews our faith in one another.”

—Clare Vanderpool, Newbery Medal-winning author of Moon Over Manifest and Navigating Early


“Like a farolito, Sanchez’s protagonist glows with gentle fierceness as she celebrates and stands up for her culture, her family, and her history. Readers will love sharing warm tortillas with Margarita and the Sandoval family.”

—Jennifer Torres, author of Stef Soto, Taco Queen and Flor and Miranda Steal the Show